Barbie Dress Up Games

Prenses Cicek
Cute girls sometimes dream to look like a Beautiful Flower Princess wi…
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Barbie Spring Break
Barbie is a fashionable woman: in her chiffonier you will find a lot o…
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Barbie Weekend
You meet again a wonderful Barbie in a new game Barbie Weekend. She wa…
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Barbie Goes Ice Skating
In this game you should create an image for Barbie,who goes Ice Skatin…
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Barbie in the Rain
This game does not contains any violence. Your purpose is just to dres…
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Barbie Dotted Dresses
Playing Barbie Dotted Dresses you'll feel yourself a real stylist or c…
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Barbie Home Breakfast
This morning Barbie has a big problem: she doesn't know what to wear f…
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Barbie Cheerleader
Barbie has bought some new closes to become the most attractive Cheerl…
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Barbie's life is fool of new adventures and meetings, that's why it is very important to choose the best clothes for each special event. For example, Barbie Cheerleader and Barbie Rock Diva have very different wardrobes. Also, she has a lot of hobbies: salsa, skateboarding, ice skating, camping, fishing, singing, cycling, home cooking, extreme driving and so on. She needs some comfortable clothes for every of these activities. You've never seen so many warm sweaters, summer tops, festive cocktail dresses, unique t-shirts, sportswear, modern skinny jeans, pretty headbands, nice shoes, glamour bags, stylish jackets, different cotton leggings, shiny bows, office trousers and beautiful blouses for Barbie. Many of these games will help to achieve the perfect look for Barbie Princess: view some fairy hairstyles, expansive earrings with colored gemstones, lush dresses, various necklaces and corsets decorated with beads, fashionable bows, flowers, real diamonds, wonderful sparkles and shiny crystals.
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