Barbie Adventure Games

Rain Forest Adventure
Your mission will be help Diego go through the rain forest and collect…
: 3  : 0.0  
Pinkz Adventure Game
This game is a sweet, style and bright adventure about a girl, who try…
: 3  : 0.0  
Mina's Sky Adventure
Mina likes to fly in the own big hot air balloon, but she doesn't know…
: 1  : 0.0  
Heart Adventure Game
Your goal is to manage the heart by mouse and collect another hearts i…
: 8  : 0.0  
Winks Spring Adventure
A game for Winx' fans. You need to choose a perfect outfit for your Wi…
: 5  : 0.0  
Treasure Adventure
Everybody dreamed to find treasure in the childhood. And now you have …
: 0  : 0.0  
Ponie Adventure
Ponie Adventure is a race game designed especially for girls. Choose a…
: 6  : 0.0  
Seaside Adventure
Puppy in the game riding a skateboard on the beach. Your task - to hel…
: 1  : 0.0  
Adventure Cat
Our cat is going to a trip! He must be ready for an adventure, so we w…
: 2  : 0.0  
Barbie Adventure
Barbie Adventures - is a fun game for children, which will allow you i…
: 22  : 0.0  
Do you like to watch adventure films about Indiana Jones or The Hunger Games and imagine yourself as a main hero of the long and extreme trip? Did you ever dream to win a very hard competition or to finish the difficult way yourself? Are there any tasks that you afraid to do in your real life like a sky trip by the hot air balloon? It's your chance to try it online! Difficult tasks with hard levels can be a good way to feel like a hero of the popular action! You can try to collect some infrequent animal photos at the rainy forest, to win a dangerous cruel monkey or to fly up by hot air balloon with help of little clouds. Only a very smart player can successfully pick up all little hearts in the office labyrinths. Stylish girls can choose the dressing game, where little cute Wink is preparing for new spring adventures. View all her fairy accessories, thin magic wings, fantastic shoes, impressive hairstyles and spectacular dresses. If you are really smart and creative, try to help Pinkz in her love adventure!
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